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An incredible 14 day adventure




Note: running from Hanoi to Nha Trang
March 13 - March 26 2024
October 27 - November 9 2024
March 13 - March 26 2025
October 27 - November 9 2025




2,290 kilometres.  Exploring the most rarely seen parts of Vietnam .

This tour is suitable for all experienced riders seeking the ultimate motorcycling holiday.  Limited places, so book early.

Day 1: 160km
Nha Trang to Dalat


Good Morning Vietnam.  Enjoy the morning sunrise with stroll along the beach & dip in the ocean . After breakfast is time for us to head across to the VMT HQ for our rider briefing. Guided through the bustling streets of seaside town Nha Trang and on towards the Central Highlands. a blissful day of twisty mountain passes and stunning landscapes dotted with rural minority villages as we ride up through the clouds and elevation of 1600m meters towards the city of love Dalat, the capital of Lam Dong Province, is centered around a lake and surrounded by hills, pine forrest, lakes and waterfalls.
Nha Trang - Dalat.jpg
Known as the “City of Eternal Spring”  famed for its cooler temperatures and striking French architecture. Dalat is a popular destination  Great overnight stay in the comforts of our hotel. Enjoy a wander of popular evening night markets and the many local restaurants and bars Dalat has to offer .
Day 2: 155km
Dalat - Lak Lake
Dalat - Lak Lake.jpg
Back in the saddle, enjoy the flowing back roads that carve through coffee fields and rural farms, this is an outstanding ride. Plenty of stops along the way allow us to try some local coffee and visit a fascinating, old silk production factory. We will then pass through small minority villages where you will see countless farmers tending crops Vietnamese style!
Roads in these areas are shared with farmers, livestock, and children waving as they walk to and from school. So keep focused! You will soon get accustomed to the low speed riding in Vietnam, but it also allows you time to really take in the sheer beauty of this truly incredible country. We arrive at our overnight stay located close to Lak Lake and the surrounding rice fields. Not to forget the local elephants. Did anyone mention a cold beverage too? Food in these regions is fresh and super tasty. Lak lake is home to various minority tribes and traditional villages.
Day 3: 300km
Lak lake – Kon Tum
One of the longer stretches of riding sets off today. We ride into the Dak Nong province, which was the scene of conflicts and heavy bombing by the US air force. “ The Battle of Day To “  our ride has us on a mix of twisty back roads through minority villages and bigger straight roads as we edge towards and enter the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, we will show you the famed supply route that carves through the most remote mountain jungles of Vietnam. our comfy overnight stay in     Kon Tum is the capital of the province and shares borders with Laos and Cambodia. 
Lak lake – Kon Tum.jpg
Used by the Viet Cong to send troops and supplies from North to South throughout the raging war, today the Ho Chi Minh trail is a joy for riders to behold.It just keeps getting better, it is like unfolding a treasure map. This is where most riders start commenting as the “best ride” they have ever done. Over the coming days you will see Vietnam from a unique perspective. This is true motorcycling adventure! You will appreciate a cold beer after today's epic adventure.
Day 4: 300km
Kon Tum to Hoi An
Kon Tum to Hoi An.jpg
Saddle up for more riding bliss on Ho Chi Minh trail in all its twisting and undulating glory! Steeped in history, crucial to the war effort, vital to the life blood of Vietnam, it virtually speaks to you as you negotiate each turn. Lush green jungle covered mountain passes, wild rivers.
This is where the bulk of the riding footage from that famous Top Gear special took place so soak it up and enjoy what will be one of the best days of your life! As many of our riders state, they just can't believe the sheer beauty of these areas and the amazing roads which you simply have to see for yourself, as we wind down the mountain pass towards our next overnight stay in the world heritage Hoi An ancient town. An exceptionally well-preserved example of a south-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th century. filled with traditional shops, houses, great bars, cafes, and restaurants. this colourful town is spectacular in the evenings with a colourful array on lanterns. It is a must see!
Day 5:
Hoi An
Good morning Vietnam, after a great nights rest is time to explore on foot and the best way to absorb the beauty of this city. Hoi An is recognised as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the small yet beautiful town with its own unique atmosphere combines elements of Vietnam, China and Japan, the most remarkable views are from the ancient houses, reminding us of long gone past and providing name momentary glimpse of a more subdued and simple time.
Our journey includes visit to Hoi An market, Hải Hoi An Museum, many of the towns renowned ancient houses, which boast remarkable architectural style Assembly halls of Chinese influence Art craft manufacturing and of course the must see Japanese covered Bridge.These spots are considered as typical architecture styles in Hoi An and reflect clearly across the culture among French Japan, China and Vietnam . passing over hundreds of years and withstanding the severity of the weather Hoi An still exists and keeps an ancient and quiet beauty, once strolling around the ancient city, you will contemplate the simple and rustic life activities the trellises of window flowers covering around the houses. We dine on a superb superb lunch in a local restaurant,  Early afternoon has us arriving back at our hotel, relax by the pool or book yourself a massage.
Day 6: 170km
Hoi An to Hue
Hoi An to Hue.jpg
Saddle up for another day of riding adventure. through the streets of of Hoi An and then onto the open roads along the coast to Danang followed by the famous ‘BBC Top Gear Vietnam’ Hai Van Pass. This twisty mountain road with its spectacular oceans views is a superb ride.Hugging the coastal back roads through many older villages with plenty of stops to check things out, our ride has us arriving at the former Imperial capital of Hue "Home of the last Vietnamese Emperors” a world Heritage site. Located on the banks of the Perfume River. Enjoy a dip in the pool at our comfy overnight stay surounded with a broad selection of excellent restaurants and bars and stylish architecture.
Day 7:140km
Hue to Khe Sanh
A superb day ahead! With an early morning visit to the Imperial City is a walled enclosure within the citadel of the city of Hue the former imperial capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen dynasty. It contains the palaces that housed the imperial family,as well as shrines and gardens .
Hue to Khe Sanh.jpg
With a return the to hotel to jump aboard our trusty steeds, we ride out through the streets of Hue and onwards to lesser known country back roads that link us up onto the Legendary Ho Chi Minh trail following the Da Krong river, impressive sweeping bends with massive views across the valley and surrounding hillside villages.Who are all these friendly people waving at? That would be you.
The welcoming smiles and waves all the way through this great land is a very warming experience. It is hard to imagine this whole region was once at war. l cannot help but have the cold chisel song Khe Sanh playing through my mind!                 

We arrive at Aluoi for a great local lunch and coffee. Then onwards on this spectacular twisty road which offers a great insight of what’s ahead. As we roll into Khe Sanh with a visit “Ta Con Air Base" today, home to a small museum filled with historical pictures, a chilling reminder of what occurred here. There are maps, weapons on display, additionally old aircraft remains including a complete C130 Hercules, Chinook Helicopter and old fighter jet wreckage surround the old airstrip. We ride across to the huge Khe Sanh Victory monument erected by the Vietnamese government which lays tribute to the people who fought in the battle of welcome to Khe Sanh.
Day 8:250km
Khe Sanh to Phong Nha
Khe Sanh to Phong Nha.jpg
Regarded by the lucky few who have ridden the Western Ho Chi Minh trail, as being one of the best motorcycling roads on earth. Twisting and turning its way through spectacular "Jurassic Park-like" Limestone mountains covered in lush green jungle filled with crystal-clear waterfalls and wild rivers.This pristine wilderness is still home to many rare animals including elephants and tigers. We ride through the Ke Bang National Park and UNESO World Heritage Site, containing the oldest Karst mountains in Asia.
Formed over 400 hundred million years and riddled with over 300 hundred cave systems, including the biggest cave on earth Hong Son Dong cave "discovered in 2009". Today's ride is mind-blowing and best described as a rider’s paradise.Lunch in a small, picture-perfect village. The afternoon delivers more great riding through this incredibly special part of the world that remains rarely seen by the outside world. Keep an eye out for Gibbons.Late afternoon has us arriving in beautiful Phong Nha with an exceptional hotel overlooking the Son Con River. Enjoy an ice cold welcome beer! This charming village offers a vast range of local and western style bars and restaurants.Welcome to beautiful Phong Nha.
Day 9:
Phong Nha Caves
Enjoy a fresh coffee overlooking the Song Con River and the peaceful mountain views that surround this village. An early stroll through the village and markets is well worth checking out.At 9AM, we board our boat for a relaxing journey upriver and into Phong Nha cave. "Voted as one of the most wonderful caves in the world" said to be 8km long, while scientists have surveyed 44km of passages. We sail around 1km before heading ashore to explore the cave by foot
The cave is filled with spectacular Stalactites and Stalagmites and has lights installed throughout. Big is an understatement and the sheer beauty is a sensory overload of feeling like you are in the centre of the earth.Returning along the Song Con River with magnificent views of the traditional villages. Back at our hotel, it is time for a great lunch.The afternoon sees us venture across to  Paradise Cave, only first discovered in 2005, this cave is 31 km long and ceiling height can reach 72 meters and 150 meters wide. Massive Stalactites and Stalagmites fill this cave. This is indeed an incredibly special hidden gem.with a stunning back drop of jungle cladded mountains. Back in town enjoy the village life and array of small bars and restaurants that on offer .
Day 10: 270km
Phong Nha Caves to Tan ky
Phong Nha Caves to Tan Ky.jpg
Morning coffee and breakfast overlooking Song Con River. The support crew have checked and serviced our bikes and ready for the next leg of this grand adventure. Leaving Phong Nha riding north we reconnect with the Ho Chi Minh trail. We immediately plunge into yet more jaw-dropping landscape. The road threads through lush river valleys enclosed by a forest of limestone pinnacles. Views across colourful rice fields some still holding bomb crater scars.
Passing an array of farming areas from tree plantations to fields and tea. Traditional farming methods are still used here.Anyone for tea! We stop for lunch next to a lake surrounded by tea hedges. One strip of road becomes so wide. Hmm, this must have been an old runway. overnight in Tan Ky. More great foods! It is no wonder Vietnam is so famous for food!
Day 11: 240km
Tan ky to Quan Son
We continue the Ho Chi Minh trail before diverting off, head north-west into a small hidden world where time has stood still for centuries. This is a real treat! Riding these small mountain roads close to the border with Laos is where it’s at! Each turn takes us further and further from the beaten path as we enter the borderlands' tiny minority hamlets of wooden-and-thatched huts nestled by streams under huge limestone mountains. Bamboo water wheels feed the rice terraces.
Tan Ky to Quan Son.jpg
Life here is simple and rich in culture, women, and children's traditional dress. Riders have commented that they just cannot believe the sheer beauty of these ‘Jurassic Park’ like villages. To this day we are the only ones who have the pleasure of this secret location. Overnight stay in Quan Son.
Day 12: 120km
Quan Son to Mai Chau
Quan Son to Mai Chau.jpg
We start the day with a local breakfast that will provide the fuel we need to ride over a series of lofty mountain passes through remote valleys and over limestone peaks covered in mysterious bamboo forests close to the Lao border.Today’s ride gives us a sense of what it’s like for many of the more than 50 different ethnic minority groups in Vietnam to live in such mountainous landscape, with most of their food and building materials coming from the immediate vicinity, just as it has done for centuries.
After hours of great riding with plenty of stops to admire the scenery and meet the locals, we roll into Mai Chau, a pleasant valley of green rice paddies. Here, we settle into our comfortable, atmospheric Home stay lodgings for a peaceful night in the countryside. This is one of the most popular overnight stays. Amazing food and views and ice cold brews! And a traditional dance performance. Enjoy a dip in the pool with the most stunning rural views .
Day 13: 220km
Mai Chau to Nghia Lo
Mai Chau to Nghia Lo.jpg
Saddle up for a grand ride through epic back roads, passing farmers tending crops on steep mountains and traditional villages. The simple way of life here often questions our hectic life back home. Plenty of stops including an old school bamboo factory and brick making yard along with other interesting sites. 
There is no shortage of ‘wow’ factor in this truly incredible world of Vietnam Our final ride day takes us down from the mountains via spectacular passes and into the Red River valley, the cradle of Vietnamese civilisations . It was here on the swelled banks of the large, mud-red river, that the first Vietnamese kings ruled thousands of years ago.We wind through crop fields, along river dikes, through old towns, rolling into the hectic capital, Hanoi busy streets become flooded with scooters everywhere locals going about their daily routine where everything happens on a Moto.After days in the mountains, the pace and energy of Hanoi will come as a shock at first. But it won’t take long before we settle into the intoxicating rhythm of urban life and the charms of this ancient city. our hotel located within the Old Quarter of Hanoi. Take time to explore the lane ways filled with shops, houses, restaurants, bars and cafes. Welcome to Hanoi.
Day 14: 200km
Nghia Lo to Hanoi
Hanoi - Nghia Lo.jpg
Good Morning Hanoi  . The best way to explore this city is by foot . From the backstreets of the Old Quarter we have a superb day discovering the many hidden gems this truly amazing city has to offer. Followed by  an incredible local Hanoi lunch.   Afternoon has as back at our great hotel . Enjoy the pool . Book a massage or park yourself at one of the many cafes and bars . Hanoi is a real gem.  This is  our final night stay on this truly incredible 14 day adventure .



  • Quality clean overnight stays in twin-share hotels - Homestay - all with wifi

  • one night pre - post-tour accommodation

  • VIP private transfers

  • Domestic flights within Vietnam “as per tour itinerary”

  • Expert guides - VMT support crew

  • Lifan motorcycle with all fuel - oil

  • Full mechanical support

  • Support Minivan - luggage transfers

  • All Breakfast & lunches - one welcome dinner

  •  VMT T-shirt - cap - Vietnam touring map

  • Endless bottled water, fruits & snacks

  • Field medical kit - 24hr back-to-base support

  • Motorcycle damage cover - 3rd limited party cover

  • Return motorbike freight to headquarters

Vietnam MotorBike Tours are designed for riders seeking the ultimate adventure by exploring the best back roads in Vietnam 

Limited places, so book early!​​​​



  •  Motorcycle riding gear

  • International flights - visa

  • Personal travel insurance
    All riders must have travel insurance
    (must include motorcycling cover)


  • Dinner meals - beverages

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