Vietnam Motorbike Tours run fleet of 35, Lifan motorcycles, perfect for touring Vietnam.  

In comfort for both rider and pillion, fully serviced and maintained and meeting all the necessary capacity requirements for Vietnam Road Laws. VMT motorcycles include limited in-country third party insurance. We also provide motorcycle damage cover, this comes as standard with all our tour packages.

Yes its a far cry from the big, fast bikes we all ride back home but this is Vietnam.

Welcome to the world of low horsepower. You’ll be surprised how fun these bikes are and how well suited they are to riding here.  


We ride what is considered big distances per day in Vietnam and the road speeds are low and a relaxed pace.  The Lifan's big plush seats and rider positioning are perfect for both rider and pillion. We have tried and tested nearly every bike for our tours and the Lifan ticks all the boxes.  


Often considered a grey area, so here’s the latest.  Many and most riders over the years have ridden Vietnam touring with their home motorcycle licenses.  In all our years of operation we are yet to be asked to provide any rider licensing.  If on the rare occasion we are stopped at a police road check, Police speak directly to our crew and handle everything sometimes asked for the bikes registration & insurance papers "which we carry" and maybe a little tea money !!  They know us well as a professional tour company as we touring these areas regularly.

However, if you're riding on your own this can be very different!


Finding the right travel insurance policy can be tricky . As many policies only cover for basic tourist travel.  We have a good handle on who's best regarding policies that include motorcycling so ask us more when you booking.



If you want to tick all the boxes then its hard to go past this option.  We have gone through the hoops and hurdles to make this happen and is exclusive to VMT riders only.  Please let us know when your booking and we will handle all the required paperwork for you.  Please note "you need to be booked well in advance."  All you have to do is attend the licensing department upon your arrival in HCMC and sign! That it’s.  We even take you there. SIMPLE !!  


Everyone love these bikes !! They suit the riding conditions and super comfortable..  checkout this older interview below with MotoGP legend Gary McCoy and Benwah!!  The big thumbs up from the King of slide Mr Squiggle on tour in Vietnam 


Bit of a problem of late.  Our good name has become so popular, fake operators have latched on our name, using VMT branding, wording and even photos!!


A GENERAL WARNING & HEADS UP needs to be mentioned as, like with all great things, there are folks out there who are fraudulently COPYING US - using pictures, wording and logos that have been pulled from our site and social media. The old rule applies: you get what you pay for... If you see Tour Operators offering something crazy cheap then you have to wonder, will the product turn out to be as cheap as the price?  We have seen riders on bikes that should be in the bin.  No brakes and bald tyres ..  the list goes on! 

COME RIDE WITH US & discover what ranks Vietnam as one of the top 5 countries in the world to tour!

LIFAN LF 250-4 06.jpg


LIFAN Specifications
      - Dimension (L×B×H mm):2275×850×1170   

      - Wheel base (mm):1450                            
      - Net Weight(kg):155                               

      - Height Of Seat (mm): 750                             
      - Fuel Tank Capacity(L): 14                    
      - Engine Type: vertical single-cylinder              
      - air-cooled, four-stroke                                  

      - Bore×Stroke(mm): 62×49.5                        
      - 200cc                                                                   
      - Compression ratio: 9.0:1

- Max. Power(kw/rpm): 18hp 

- Start: electric/kick start 
- Transmission: 5 gear, hand-clutched 
- Brake (front/rear): disk /drum 
- Wheel: Al-alloy 
- Tire(front/rear): 110/90-16/130/90-15 

- Max. Speed (km/h): 95 
- Economical Fuel Consumption (L/100km): =2.2