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April 23 - May 6, 2024

April 23 - May 6, 2025


Join us on this incredible event touring the best of the real Vietnam.  Saddle up as we twist the throttle through hidden mountain back roads. Deep in history and rich in culture - see why Vietnam is a rider's paradise. We ride regions yet to be discovered by the outside world including stunning landscapes and  remote traditional villages.

et us take you there with our famed VMT guides and crew. We combine expert local knowledge with high western standards. This fully supported tour is packed with extras including great overnight stays in the most incredible locations. 


Our personalized in-house booking service makes planning and booking easy.



Day 1 : Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City
- Cu Chi Tunnels - War Remnants Museum -
Ho Chi Minh City.jpg
Good Morning Vietnam!

Our adventure starts today on a journey
through the bustling streets Ho Chi Minh City
also known by its former name of Saigon. From
the comforts of our aircon mini bus enjoy
colorful views of this fast growing city.
Soon after we head to Cu Chi, 70km. The tunnels of Cu Chi are an immense network 200km of connecting tunnels built from basic hand tools. The tunnels give a glimpse of the ingenuity and sacrifice that enabled a poorly equipped guerrilla army to humble a superpower, its an extraordinary story and underground life of Vietnamese soldiers. Tunnels with trapdoors, living areas, kitchens, armory & hospitals, this underground complex is simply incredible.

He's your chance to head underground to explore. A short film provides a good insight of the history. Also nearby is a gun range, complete with AK47's M16 & M30. For a price you can fire these down the range.

The afternoon has us returning to Ho Chi Minh and visit the War Remnants Museum, it contains exhibits relating to the Vietnam War and the first Indochina War involving the French colonialists. Overnight in Ho Chi Minh city.  enjoy all the fruits of this bustling city with locals of local bars and restaurants
Day 2 : Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City - Vung Tau
8am: Check-out from our hotel and transfer to
local docks and awaiting watercraft. All-aboard!
The Mekong river shuttle takes around 2hrs
south to seaside city of Vung Tau. the mighty Mekong is a river highway of activity
Ho Chi Minh City - Vung Tau.jpg
Throughout the American War, Vung Tau was used by the Americans, Australians, New Zealand, South Vietnamese and their allies as an R&R destination, and even the Viet! Cong had R&R here. After our hotel check-in, we enjoy lunch and pay a visit to a number of sites including, The World Wide Arms Museum. arguably the best & most expensive collection of arms, uniforms, swords and historical items worldwide.  afternoon has us enjoying our own R&R, with a sunset drink or few at the many local cafes, bars and restaurants that line the beach front.  welcome to Vung Tau .
Day 3 : Vietnam
Vung Tau
- Ho Chi Minh City - Nha Trang -
ANZAC Long Tan.jpg
Dawn service is no longer held at Long Tan.
However we will continual our low key visit to
the Lang Tan Cross and pay our respects and
lay a reef of flowers.
Followed by a visit to Nui Dat "dirt-hill" former Australian Military base. After which our private
coach has us returning to HCMC airport for 40min domestic flight up the coast to beautiful Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is Famed for its stunning coastline and great year-round weather, with an abundance of fine dining, cafes and bars. Arriving at our hotel around late afternoon

Join our welcome dinner at Lac Canh, famed for its super tasty BBQ foods and cold beers and more ! .. this a great way to meet the crew and fellow riders .
Day 4 : Vietnam : 110km
Great Ocean Road - Vinh Hy
Ride day!! Up early? It’s well worth taking an early stroll on the beach .
After breakfast and check-out “8am." its time ..  Our bags loaded and riding gear on, we transfer across town to VMT Head Quarters for our rider briefing, covering all aspects of the ride ahead. Select your steed from our trusty fleet. 
Great Ocean Road - Vinh Hy.jpg
VMT HQ is located on a quiet small road, perfect to take quick spin and get familiar with your bike. Today's ride is simply awesome, heading south along the great ocean road and across to Cam Ranh Bay before reaching the spectacular Vin Hy road.

Carved in ocean front rock-face, this fine twisting road that sees almost zero traffic has the best ocean views in Vietnam.

We arrive into our resort located in Vinh Hy Bay. Time for lunch, relax by the pool, wonder the lane-ways of this quaint fishing village. Late afternoon we take a boat trip passing floating fish farms. Further out, enjoy a dip in the warm blue tropical waters with some great coral reefs .
Day 5 : Vietnam : 160km
Vinh Hy - Dalat
Vinh Hy - Dalat.jpg
Enjoy a morning dip in the pool or visit the local market.. We say our goodbyes to Vinh Hy, hugging the coast before off into the twisty mountains heading towards the hill top retreat of Dalat. Famed as the ‘Swiss Alps of Vietnam, Dalat holds some very unique European-influenced French architecture along with noticeably
cooler climate.
Dalat was once a popular respite for commanders, war correspondents alike who were fortunate enough to escape the front lines. Many strategies were devised here, Dalat was largely untouched by the fighting. interestingly, it was in-fact home to the National Military Academy.

Dalat today is famed as the city of love, also attracts Artists and Musicians. It’s a popular holiday retreat for young Vietnamese couples.

Evenings are cool and the local night market is a must-see.
Day 6 : Vietnam : 260km
Dalat - Lak Lake - Buon Ma Thout .
Ready to Ride?
  Time to saddle up enjoy the flowing mountain back roads that carve through coffee fields and rural farms, this is an outstanding ride.
Plenty of Interesting stops that include an old silk-making factory. Traditional villages where way of life seems unchanged for centuries.
Dalat - Lak Lake.jpg
The roads we ride are shared by local farmers & livestock, "ever wondered what its like to be famous " . We are greeted with welcoming smiles and countless waves, its a truly warming experience . Edging towards Lak Lake, home to several minority tribes and wooden long houses, traditional farming is the regular way of life in this region.  time for a VMT picnic lunch stop before heading further north as we reach the Coffee trading capital of Buon Ma Thout . overnight hotel in the centre of town.
Day 7 : Vietnam : 240km
Buon Ma Thout - Kontum
Lak Lake - Buon Ma Thout.jpg
Good morning Vietnam, today's ride has us heading across the ranges to Kon Tum the most northern mountainous province in the Central Highlands region, The central of Vietnam. Kon Tum shares borders with Cambodia & Laos.
Farming & Battle scared landscapes, Kon Tum was the site of one of the bloodiest battles and most definitive battles of the Vietnam “American” war . The roads winding through the regions provide not only great riding, but also a true insight of this mighty country.

Arriving into KonTum and our welcoming overnight stay. dinner at the local restaurant is always entertaining .
Day 8 : Vietnam : 180km
Kontum - Kam Duc
Enjoy some truly incredible riding as we travel along the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail. History speaks to you here, through stunning jungle-covered mountains, incredible views, awesome riding, small remote villages and much more.
Kontum - Kam Duc.jpg
Stopping in at the War Memorial in Dak, where there are Russian and Chinese-built tanks on display alongside a story of how the ethnic villages were caught up in the bloody battles. Some of the most extreme battles of the war took place here.

Many riders state, they just can't believe the sheer beauty of these areas and the amazing roads which you simply have to see for yourself! Overnight we will stay at our Hotel in Kam Duc, featuring an in-house kitchen that cooks great meals. Plenty of cool drinks to be had, as always!
Day 9 : Vietnam : 330km
Kam Duc - Khe Sanh
Kam Duc - Khe Sanh.jpg
We roll out of Kam Duc riding the superb Bach Ma range, heading towards Aluoi and then pushing on towards Khe Sanh. This section of road that’s not only in great shape, but is the most incredible road in Vietnam.
Later in the day, we encounter the site of hill 937 - better known as Hamburger Hill. Riding these mountain passes, which stretch skyward with twists and turns, reveals; giant views over wide and wild jungle valleys, deep ravines, mist-swept mountains and hairpin bends as the road snakes its way under lush green jungle mountains and passing some military outposts.

After lunch at Aluoi we join the Da Krong river following along the Ho Chi Minh trail. Great views across the range with small traditional villages. Rolling towards Khe Sanh l cant help but have the Cold Chisel song playing in the mind.

Welcome to Khe Sanh! Cold beer & cheers!
Day 10 : Vietnam : 280km
Khe Sanh - Phong Nha
Today we enter the Western Ho Chi Minh Road. Incredibly twisty road that's just nuts for all good reasons. Winding its way through spectacular limestone mountains covered with deep forests, river valleys, roadside waterfalls and crystal clear rivers for swimming.

We ride towards Phong Nha through Ke Bang National Park, which contains the oldest karst
mountains in Asia.
Khe Sanh - Phong Nha.jpg
Formed approximately 400 million years ago, the mountains are riddled with hundreds of cave systems and home to the world's biggest cave - Song Doong Cave - first explored in 2009.

Just when you think this ride cannot get any better, today is mega. Stated by many riders as,"the best fun with your clothes on.”

The empty road resembles a race track as the landscape unfolds on this road trip of a lifetime. Its like riding through Jurassic park. Soaring through twist-filled limestone mountains that seem to go on forever, what more could a rider want?

VMT crew and support comes into its own here, as these areas are remote and our handy support van is filled with everything needed for such journeys. This is the ultimate riders adventure! Arriving into stunning Phong Nha, with our hotel overlooking the Son River. Some great local bars and restaurants enjoy and we can sleep in tomorrow woohoo !!
Day 11 : Vietnam
Phong Nha
Phong Nha.jpg
Enjoy the day to relax! Stroll through the quaint town and get a chance to explore some of the world's most beautiful caves. Our boat journey up river, passing local countryside villages is amazing. The river takes us direct underground into cave located Phong Nha Cave.
This is an outstanding cave and one of the biggest in Vietnam, filled with stunning stalactites and stalagmites all in pristine condition and clever lighting making you feel your in the centre of the earth.
Our returning boat journey has us arriving in time for a fantastic lunch, the afternoon offers a great ride to Paradise cave, the second largest in Vietnam and considered the most beautiful of all.

This solid walk is well-rewarded for its sheer beauty. This spectacular cave, first discovered in 2005, has a length of 31km and looks like a landscape painting! There are a series of white crystal stalactites resembling glass pillars and many other formations.
Day 12 : Vietnam : 225km
Phong Nha - Hue
Our journey today has us winding down towards
the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), established
as a dividing line between the North and South.

We then head across and pay a visit to the Vinh
Moc Tunnels, The Underground City. Built to shelter
people from intense bombing, these complex tunnels
included wells, kitchens, rooms for each family and
spaces for healthcare. Around 60 families lived in the
tunnels and as many as 17 children were born inside.
Phong Nha - Hue.jpg
Riding towards Hue, located on the banks of the Perfume River. Hue was the national capital until 1945 and is well known for its historic monuments, which have earned it a place in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Our overnight stay is located close to a great range of local cafes, bars and restaurants.
Day 13 : Vietnam : 120km
Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An
Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An.jpg
With our final ride destination of Hoi An insight, this last stretch of riding includes a thrilling ride of the famed Hai Van Pass, as featured on "BBC Top Gear". This ribbon pass offers outstanding views of the South China Sea. after lunch see us riding the Danang coastline and arriving through the back streets of Ancient town of Hoi An.  enjoy a chilled brevage and dip in the pool at our great hotel . famed for its historic architecture and incredible array of tailor shops.
Day 14 : Vietnam
Hoi An
Hoi An - Da Nang.jpg
Good Morning Hoi An after a great night rest. enjoy coffee with one of the many local street vendors. after breakfast by the the pool.   its time to explore and the best way to absorb the beauty of this city is on foot .Hoi An is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO the small yet beautiful town with its own unique atmosphere combines elements of Vietnam, China and Japan.
The most remarkable views are from the ancient houses, reminding us of a long gone past and providing a momentary glimpse of a more subdued and simple time. our journey includes visits to Hoi An Market, Hoi An Museum, many of the town’s renowned Ancient Houses which boast a remarkable architectural style, Assembly Halls of Chinese influence, Art Craft Manufacturing and of course the must-see Japanese Covered Bridge. These spots are considered as typical architecture styles in Hoi An and reflect clearly the cross culture among France, Japan, China and Vietnam. Passing over hundreds of years and withstanding the severity of the weather, Hoi An still exists and keeps the ancient and quiet beauty. Once strolling around the ancient city, you will contemplate the simple and rustic life activities, the trellises of windflowers covering around the houses. we dine on a superb lunch in a local restaurant .
Early afternoon has us arriving back at our hotel . Relax by the pool or book yourself a massage. enjoy our final overnight stay and concluding this incredible 14 day journey through beautiful Vietnam.
Congratulations on completing one of the finest motorcycle journeys on earth!





VMT is an Australian owned company that has emphasised combining expert local knowledge with high western standards. This winning combination has resulted in these ultimate motorbike adventure tours.

Send us a message via our enquiry page. 


  • Boat journey down the mighty Mekong River
  • ANZAC Day visit to Long Tan Cross
  • Nui Dat  "dirt-hill" former Australian base 
  • 2000+ km into the famous central highlands and Ho Chi Minh Trail 
  • Take a step back in time visiting traditional mountain villages and world heritage sites
  • Discover former battle hotspots including
    Khe Sanh and Hamburger Hill
  • Explore the incredible Phong Nha and Paradise Caves
  • Visit the Vinh Moc tunnels
  • Incredible coast views riding the Hai Van Pass 



  • Airport pick up and transfers

  • Flights and transfers within Vietnam 

  • Quality overnight stays with western style bathrooms and WiFi

  • Our famed VMT English speaking guides and support crew 

  • Our fully maintained fleet of motorcycles which are comfy and perfect for touring Vietnam

  • All breakfasts, lunches and welcome dinner (special dietary requests available)

  • Detailed rider briefings, VMT t-shirt and touring map 

  • Minivan for baggage transfers, carrying supplies, and limited seats for non-riders while on tour

  • Entrance tickets and permits

  • Limited third party and bike damage cover

  • All fuel, mechanical and spares

  • 24 hour back-to-base support and field medical kit


  • Quality clean overnight stays in twin-share hotels - Homestay - all with wifi

  • one night pre - post-tour accommodation

  • VIP private transfers

  • Domestic flights within Vietnam “as per tour itinerary”

  • Expert guides - VMT support crew

  • Lifan motorcycle with all fuel - oil

  • Full mechanical support

  • Support Minivan - luggage transfers

  • All Breakfast & lunches - one welcome dinner

  •  VMT T-shirt - cap - Vietnam touring map

  • Endless bottled water, fruits & snacks

  • Field medical kit - 24hr back-to-base support

  • Motorcycle damage cover - 3rd limited party cover

  • Return motorbike freight to headquarters

Vietnam MotorBike Tours are designed for riders seeking the ultimate adventure by exploring some of the best back roads in Vietnam.

Limited places, so book early!​​​​



  •  Motorcycle riding gear

  • International flights - visa

  • Personal travel insurance
    All riders must have travel insurance
    (must include motorcycling cover)


  • Dinner meals - beverages

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