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Riding Gear


You should bring all your normal protective road-riding gear. We do have a stock supply of helmets and wet weather overcoats, but many prefer to bring their own (particularly to ensure a good fit!). Riding through the mountains can get sometimes get a bit cool, so it is a good idea to bring a heavier jacket as well. You will also need the following; gloves, sturdy footwear, protective eyewear (goggles or visor) and protective clothing. It is also a good idea to bring a daypack for carrying essentials when riding. Many choose to also include a hydrapack. Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and swim gear too, as we visit beaches, waterfalls and some hotels offer pools. Please be aware that thongs and flip flops (though necessary for the evening) are not suitable for riding on our tours.


Other Essentials


Apart from your riding gear, we suggest that you pack three sets of clothes; shorts, t-shirts, jeans, pants etc. Hiking-style gear is often good, as it is lightweight and packs small. In general, the temperatures in Vietnam are considered ‘warm to hot’. However, we do travel in the mountain regions, so we suggest that you pack a jacket or light jumper just in case you feel a chill when riding at high altitudes. Other than that, you shouldn’t need to bring too much, so it’s best to pack light. Just consider the same sort of things you would normally bring on any other holiday; basic toiletries, thongs/flip flops for the evening, hat and sunglasses, sunscreen, small daypack, cameras etc.



How will I carry my Luggage?


This depends on the tour option you have selected. Most Special Event Tours will include a support vehicle for carrying all your baggage. Premium private tours also include a support vehicle, whereas standard private tour riders carry their own gear. VMT motorcycles come with carry racks, straps and plastic covers. We also have a free-to-use limited supply of saddle bags. Guides will assist you for loading and unloading. If your tour does not include a support vehicle, VMT recommends you travel light and bring your gear in a backpack for easy strapping onto your bike.




The local currency is Vietnamese Dong. Around 20,000 VND is equivalent to $1 USD. Most currencies (including Australian) are easy to exchange in Vietnam and you will generally get better rates than trying to convert back home.

If you are on a Premium or Special Event tour, most expenses are covered for you. You only require small amounts of cash for dinner/beer/snacks each day, plus souvenir/shopping money if you wish.
There are many ATM machines, and nearly all cards work fine, though it is a good idea to let your bank know that you are travelling to Asia or they may stop your card due to fraud protection services. There are credit card facilities at all the larger towns/cities etc.

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