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We know it’s tricky to plan an adventure, so here is a list of frequently asked questions and key information points to help make things that little bit easier.

Please read the information carefully, then once you contact us we can take over all the hard work!

If you can’t find the answer you're looking for here, use the contact form below and we'll get back to you...

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-----  VIETNAM? 

Ranking in the Top 5 ride destinations in the world. It’s a blast !!

VMT tours are designed to get you into the real Vietnam. Away from the hustle & bustle of the major cities & tourist areas.
Nearly all VMT riders review touring with us as their all time best ride they have ever done. Vietnam is filled stunning landscapes and super twisty country back roads that wind their way through remote villages deep in history and rich in culture Vietnam is a riders paradise.



-----   VIETNAM? 

Riding Vietnam is best suited to experienced riders. Whilst you don't need to be the best rider in the world to enjoy this truly amazing country, we do not under any circumstance take inexperienced or first time riders. For someone new to Vietnam the traffic seems chaotic, and that's a fair assumption! But look deeper and there is a certain harmony and flow involved that actually works in even the most congested traffic. Speeds are low, the horn is in constant use, not out of aggression but as an indicator to other traffic that you are approaching and the locals are generally good riders. You do need to be alert (as you should be on any ride!) particularly keeping an eye out for dogs, chickens, buffalo, children & many other hazards which can (and will) suddenly appear. We steer away from the national highways wherever possible. VMT is very much focused on getting you into the real Vietnam, away from the busy city traffic. We venture into the more remote parts of Vietnam with little and sometimes no traffic. All our rides have been designed by riders, for riders wanting to see the very best of the Real Vietnam. Stunning mountain roads, small remote villages, incredible countryside… Much better than busy city traffic!

--  EACH DAY? -------

Actual motorcycle time is around 5-8 hours in the saddle, along with plenty of stops to check things out. We cover average distances of around 150 to 200 kms per day depending on the terrain. Remember, speeds on these beautiful country roads are quite low (you will rarely exceed 80kmh). All the better for taking in the exquisite scenery and enjoying the constantly curvy roads! It is not a race....! Relax and enjoy the ride!!!


------  BEGINNER RIDERS? ------

We welcome pillion passengers. Many couples choose to ride with us.

Our bikes offer plenty of room and good comfort for both rider and pillion.

Pillions who are touring with a rider receive a 40% discount. 
Sorry our tours are not suitable to beginner riders.
We do have limited seats available for non riders to either jump onboard with one of our rider guides and seats available in our support minivan.



-  & TAKE A PHOTO? ----

It’s your adventure let us take you there .
There’s lots of stops everyday. Grab a coffee, take a break & enjoy the views.  Plenty of time to grab some excellent pics, meet the locals & checkout the sites.

---- HOW DO ----

VMT premium events tours come standard with our support mini van

which tags along throughout the tour.
Safe secure transport of your baggage.


-----   DO YOU  -----

VMT have two late-model Mercedes Benz and Ford Transit mini vans - each are nine seaters. Ideal for larger groups wanting the convenience, or for family and friends who are wanting to tag along.

----  WHENS THE BEST ----

Any time is a great time to see this wonderful country! The months of February to October are considered the dry season and are a few degrees warmer, whilst November to January are considered the wet season and are of course slightly cooler. Wet season has it's advantages with cheaper airfares to and from Vietnam, and the countryside looking it's glorious best, lush and green with roadside waterfalls in abundance. Rain usually occurs in the late afternoon for about an hour which we do take into consideration whilst touring.


----  WHAT SHOULD I PACK? ----

Apart from your riding gear, we suggest that you pack three sets of clothes; Shorts, T-shirts, Jeans, Pants etc. Hiking-style gear is often good, as it is lightweight and packs small. In general, the temperatures in Vietnam are considered ‘warm to hot’. However, we do travel in the mountain regions, so we suggest that you pack a jacket or light jumper just in case you feel a chill when riding at high altitudes. Other than that, you shouldn’t need to bring too much, so it’s best to pack light. Just consider the same sort of things you would normally bring on any other holiday; basic toiletries, thongs/flip flops for the evening, hat and sunglasses, sunscreen, small daypack, cameras etc.


-----  WHAT RIDING -----

You should bring all your normal protective riding gear. We do have a stock supply of helmets and wet weather overcoats, but many prefer to bring their own (particularly to ensure a good fit!). Mostly the weather is ‘warm to hot,’ but the mountains can get cooler, so it is a good idea to bring a heavier jacket as well. You will also need the following; gloves, sturdy footwear, protective eyewear (goggles or visor) and protective clothing. It is also a good idea to bring a daypack for carrying essentials when riding. Many choose to also include a hydrapack. Don’t forget to pack some swim gear too, as we visit beaches, waterfalls and some hotels offer pools. Please be aware that Thongs and Flip Flops (though necessary for the evening) are not suitable for riding on our tours.


----   SHOULD I BRING? ----

The local currency is Vietnamese Dong. Around 20,000 VND is equivalent to $1 USD. Most currencies (including Australian) are easy to exchange in Vietnam and you will generally get better rates than trying to convert back home.
If you are on a Premium or Special Event tour, most expenses are covered for you. You only require small amounts of cash for dinner/beer/snacks each day, plus souvenir/shopping money if you wish.
There are many ATM machines, and nearly all cards work fine, though it is a good idea to let your bank know that you are travelling to Asia or they may stop your card due to fraud protection services. There are credit card facilities at all the larger towns/cities etc.


 -------   HOW DO I -------

International flights into Vietnam.
Most riders book their own flights into Vietnam.
Most of our tours will require you to fly into Ho Chi Minh City. But please consult with our VMT booking team first.
We suggest riders come into Vietnam a couple of days before a tour starts.
Nearly all required domestic flights within Vietnam are included as a part of your VMT tour package inclusion.
Our book team are on hand to assist you.


----- WHAT ABOUT A VISA? -----

Arranging a visa is easy. Visit


-----   AIRPORT ARRIVALS? -----

VMT provide a very warm welcome with airport pick up services and VIP transfers for all arrivals. Please refer to your selected tour itinerary for additional airport transfer information.

----- WILL MY MOBILE WORK? -----

Consult your home network carrier to enable global roaming and associated data/call costs.  Most modern cell phones support WiFi calling so ensure your carrier supports this feature or use messenger style apps to make calls/message via WiFi.
VMT Support mini-van has WiFi free for you to use.

All our overnight stays also have free WiFi .
Local prepaid SIM cards are available at local airports and staff will set up in your phone for you .


------ WHAT ABOUT MALARIA? ------

When traveling abroad its best to consult with your local GP before you travel.
Malaria risks are considered low in the areas we travel.



------   INSURANCE ------

Whatever you do abroad you should always have personal cover.  Make sure that your policy covers you for riding a motorcycle in this territory.  Most good travel insurance covers you for riding machines up to 200 cc (our machines are 150cc) and require you to be appropriately licensed in your home country.

For Australian customers, Cover-More has been a popular choice.

Many UK riders have used Carole Nash for insurance.


Remember to check your policy covers you for riding overseas.

Limited third party insurance for Vietnam is included in your tour cost. Please refer to our T&Cs page for more information.

----  DO I NEED A CURRENT ----

YES, you will be required to hold an appropriate motorcycle license from your home country and be an experienced rider to be eligible to ride with VMT.
All riders should take out travel insurance that includes cover for riding.



Depending on the country you're from, many riders can ride using their home country license without an issue. For those who prefer to tick all the boxes, we can provide an IAA (International Automobile Association Inc.) licence.


Please let us know when your booking so we can give you the most update information and arrange this for you.

----  WHAT IF I'M IN  ----

VMT team and guides carry basic medical field kits and have emergency plans in place should something go wrong. Please be aware: all motorcycling has its associated risks and dangers.  We do travel through some remote locations and as such, long delays can be expected when trying to reach professional medical treatment centres. VMT offers back to base support 24/7.

----  SCAMS & COPYCAT ----

Vietnam is one of the safest countries in Asia, however, scams can happen just like any other major city throughout the world.  These are rare however, all VMT participants should exercise care when travelling in Vietnam.

BEWARE of copycat tour operators: VMT has seen an increase in this, including Fake operators using Vietnam Motorbike Tours heading and pictures...

---- BOOKINGS,----

Booking with a tour VMT is easy.

Simply send us a message via our contact us form.
Include your details and the preferred tour option and dates
We provide an
 in-house personalized booking service along with secure payment options.
Tour cost & inclusions are listed with every tour event. VMT tours are jammed packed with extras with no hidden fees .

---- HOW DO I PAY FOR MY ----

VMT offers secure & trusted payment options.

Please ask us more when booking. 

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